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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Doctor Noot – did Egyptians really knew dentistry?

I probably already wrote about that, but let’s do that again.

Yes, they did.

See [1], page 53 for a photo of the first known “false” teeth in the history of the humankind. It’s about 4,500 years old (~2,500 BC). And yes, sometimes Egyptians used metals. These ancient teeth were held together by a gold wire. They also knew how to fill cavities and fight a dental infection. The first known dentist, probably, was Hesi Re, the “Chief of Toothers and Physicians”, who lived about 2,600 BC (~4,600 years ago).

[1] Science in Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Woods – Franklin Watts, 1998, ISBN 0-531-15915-9

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