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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Slaves prices in Greece and Rome

Found an interesting information.

Prices on slaves in Greece in around 400-350 BC.

Uneducated slave~ 2 mins (1.5-2.5 mins)
Skilled slave3-4 mins
Slave overseer, "manager"5-6 mins
Slave with special skills and knowledge10-15 mins
Beautiful girls and dancers20-30 mins

Greek money:

6 obols=1 drahma
100 drahms=1 min
60 mins=1 talant

Now, Rome.
In Republic and early Empire uneducated slave was 400-500 denarii.
Late Empire (with almost no conquest and cheap source of slaves) 600-700 denarii
(the second price seems questionable, considering inflation)

Comparing with the Greek prices, we get:

Uneducated slave400-500 denarii
Skilled slave800-1000 denarii
Slave overseeer, "manager"1000-1500 denarii
Slave with special skills and knowledge2000-3000 denarii
Beautiful girls and dancers4000-6000 denarii

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