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A religious sect getting more and more attention of the world. Jews in the Middle East already have problems with them. Coincidentally, a terrible terract happens in the largest city of the empire. The same religious sect is blamed for it. The year is 64 AD. The sect is Christians. The place is Rome of the emperor Nero.
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Monday, February 01, 2010

Legio XV Apploinaris

More on Legio XV Apploinaris: under Titus (?) command that was stationed after Parthian War in Alexandria but was sent under Vespasian command to Judaea (also took Jamala). Fought with Legio V Macedonica on the Western front, while X Fretensis took care of the valley of Jordan river.

(?) Participated in the sige of Jerusalem in 70 (captured the city), winter 70/71 Legio XV is sent to Zeugma on Euprates, then shipped back to Carnuntum in Pannonia.



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